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Memory Exercises For Seniors In Home Care Assistance

Jul 11, 2016 by Matt Clinnard

When talking about exercise, most people refer to physical activity. While staying physically active is of tremendous importance for seniors, keeping mentally active is just as crucial. Thankfully, there are many memory exercises your loved one can do with help from home care assistance.



If your loved one has always enjoyed reading, they will most likely want to continue this hobby into their senior years. This is because reading is a great exercise for the brain and helps with word recall. Certain studies have even shown that it can prevent future memory loss. Your loved one's caregiver can help them keep reading by taking them to the library or the book store. However, if they are no longer able to leave their house, a home care assistance professional will be more than happy to go to the library or book store for them.


Puzzles, such as crossword puzzles or Soduku, are incredibly effective when it comes to exercising the brain. In fact, the American Health Assistance Foundation's (AHAF) Alzheimer's Disease Research program recommends playing Sudoku.  

Sensory Stimulation

Believe it or not, sensory stimulation is an incredible way to exercise the brain. This can be done by listening to music, tasting something one loves, or smelling a favorite or intriguing smell. A home care assistance professional can help your loved one indulge in sensory stimulation by supporting any new experiences they may have. This could be something like going to a wine tasting or listening to an old record that has been tucked away for decades.

Home care assistance is all about helping your loved one stay happy and sharp in their golden years. Finding ways to keep the mind sharp will elevate their quality of life – so talk to your loved one about finding ways to keep their mind active.

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