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An In Home Care Provider Will Help Your Parent With Mobility Assistance

Oct 7, 2016 by Matt Clinnard

Loss of mobility, which is common among older adults, has social, psychological, and physical consequences. If a senior is unable to get out of bed or house, then they can’t go shopping, can’t go out with their friends to eat dinner or go to the movies, and they become dependent on other people to get them places. This can often lead to depression, but in home care provider in Tyler, TX, could prevent that. With a little help from caregivers, your loved one could walk around the house, get some chores done, and feel useful and independent again.

In home care providers could help your loved one use a walking aid or mobility aid such a cane or a walker. These aids were designed to ensure seniors are able to remain independently mobile.  Adding additional railings outside your loved one’s home will help decrease stress on their body and reduce the risk of injury. Caregivers could make sure your parent doesn’t risk their mobility for activities they are unfamiliar with. When exercising, seniors should take it slow until they are comfortable and understand how their body is reacting. Your loved one shouldn’t participate in an activity that their doctor has not cleared them for.

Mobility requires balance. It is important that your parent puts extra focus on finding their balance and working to improve it. Cheap shoes with no tread can hinder the ability of even the most active people. Caregivers suggest investing in a pair of comfortable shoes that fit correctly, because they can play a key role in increasing your loved one’s mobility. 

Caregivers strongly recommend taking every precaution to avoid falls. Accidents cause injuries, and injuries reduce mobility. In home care providers can ensure that your loved one has non-slip surfaces in the tub or shower. They could help your parent use a raised toilet seat, and a bath seat in the shower, if they need them. Caregivers suggest reducing clutter, because any obstacle like loose wires and cords could be a fall hazards. Having a good lighting throughout the house and installing night lights can be a lifesaver. Caregivers suggest moving slowly out of the bed or chair. Getting up suddenly can make your parent feel dizzy.

Storing kitchen supplies and pots and pans in easy-to-reach locations can be very useful for your loved one. They wouldn’t need so much help, which would lead to higher self-esteem.

In home care providers could help your parent with reaching higher places, and also walking up and down the stairs. Caregivers suggest installing solid handrails on both sides of the stairway. In the winter time keeping front steps and walkway in good repair and free of snow, ice and leaves is necessary.

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